What 2021 taught me…


Yes, we’re way past the New Year’s wishes and declaring our big goals for 2022 but I’m still going to post this blog about what 2021 taught me.

I’ll be honest, this has been sitting in draft mode for, well, 2 months already and I was planning on rewriting it completely. You see, I don’t often post about personal stuff but it’s a new year with new beginnings and I’m gonna give it a go.

If you’re new here – or because you haven’t heard from me in a while – let me do a quick intro. This is me. Kandi. I’m a Brand Photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa and I love capturing people and their brands. When I started this journey I was set on becoming a food photographer. I tried building a portfolio, I worked with a few clients, I even shot for Uber Eats. But, that is one tough industry to crack! And then, I found brand photography. Here I get to meet tons of different and inspiring people, and I adore being a part of their journey to success.

These days I work with amazing (mostly female) entrepreneurs who are building their brands. They’re dedicated to creating a persona that resonates with their clients and audiences. I photograph them, their teams, and their products in a way that connects back to their vision. And I love it!

What 2021 taught me…

  • Babies don’t come for free – Damn, that was a challenge! My pregnancy wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had (I wish I could say differently) and my daughter’s 47-hour birth definitely didn’t go according to the plan. But, we made it!
  • She’s the best thing that’s ever happened – Yup, s’true! She’s helped me more than she’ll ever know.
  • Saying goodbye to my Dad never ends – I’m going to be quick here because the feels are already coming back. I have to say goodbye to him over and over every day. It’s as if the reality of my Dad not being around anymore just won’t compute. He is worth it, though, and always will be.
  • I can be super resilient when I need to – See that photo of me up at the top? It was taken 2 days after my Dad’s memorial. I sooooo didn’t feel like doing a brand shoot for myself right then but I knew that it was important for my business. So, I told myself that I was going to take a few hours off from being sad and try to be brave. It’s helped my business and confidence to have gone through with it.
  • I don’t have to fit into anyone’s mould – I can run my business the way I want to, doing the things I want to do, and charge what I want to. Done.
  • There are so many amazing small business owners out there – I count myself lucky to have met those of you who I worked with in 2021. And, I look forward to meeting even more this year. You inspire me!
  • A lot can change in a day – I’m a big believer in energy! When you put good, positive energy into your business it will pay off, no question.
  • If it doesn’t fit right, move on – There’s nothing wrong with being true to yourself. If a client doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, it’s best to leave it there. The right ones will come along when you allow the space for them.

On that note…

I’m going to do my best to make 2022 the best year yet. I’ve restructured my services, taken some away, and added others in. I look forward to being of more value to my clients this year. We can do so much when we support and encourage each other.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out my revamped website with all of my new services up there, please pop on by. Just hit the link below.


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Hi, I'm Kandi!

Creating beautiful imagery and helping to elevate brands to new levels is what keeps me going. I love working with passional female entrepreneurs who are growing their personal brands and building the life of their dreams.

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