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Welcome to my blog page where you'll find my latest professional photography blog posts.

I'm lucky enough to work with an array of amazing female entrepreneurs from different walks of life who run amazingly gorgeous businesses.
From jewellery design to meditation products, serviced based coaches, furniture specialists, creatives, and so many more.

Here you'll find more info on the different shoots I'm honoured to be able to work on as well as thoughts on how to grow your own brand through increasing your visibility.

So, grab your favourite brew (mine’s coffee but there’s no judgement here), sit back, and browse a little longer.


Life_Style_Taryne PB Nov19B-25

Personal Branding Stories – Creating magic in 2020

Personal Branding is all the hype right now and I’m sure you would have seen it on your social feed, news feed, or even on television. That’s why I’m bringing my Personal Branding Stories to you so that you can have a piece of that pie. It’s all about creating a professional and authentic persona … Read more

A transformational experience – Personal Branding Photography

Would you have thought that a Personal Branding photo shoot could be a transformational experience?Have you thought about what embarking on this journey could do for your self-esteem?Let me give you a little bit of insider info… Each time I work with a client I send them an introductory form to fill out. This is … Read more

Lady with green shirt - personal branding photography

Personal Branding – What’s all the fuss about?

Creating your personal brand is the first step to building yourself up as a credible and dedicated entrepreneur. It’s what sets you apart from being a hobbyist (nothing wrong with that, by the way), and portraying your brand as a legitimate business that is dedicated to its clients. For most entrepreneurs, our businesses are built … Read more

Life Style_Max&Charlie_Apr19-67

Styled Product Photo Shoot – Max & Charlie Co

Welcome back! In this blog post, we’re going on a journey with the wonderful Max and Charlie Company and their delectable cookies, with imagery from our styled product photo shoot that they will be using in their online marketing. This shoot was done on a sunny morning in early autumn and allowed us to use … Read more


Personal Branding Photo Shoot – Emma O’Brien

Early in 2019, Emma booked her personal branding photo shoot with me and we took to the streets of Braamfontein to capture the images we were looking to create. This is Emma. She’s a portrait photographer and specializes in creating beautiful artwork of dogs and their humans. She has also just launched her Mentoring for … Read more

Hotel Full Feature Photography – Mercure Hotels

In July 2018 I had the privilege of shooting for the Mercure Hotels brand. It was a massive project with a very detailed brief. And, so we embarked on a hotel full feature photography campaign for use in their various marketing channels. The project required travelling around Johannesburg to the three local hotels – Randburg, … Read more

Food Photography – Sprout Café

When it comes to food photography, the dream is to be able to work with gorgeous, fresh dishes like these and this photo shoot definitely makes it onto our “top projects” list. Situated in the heart of Greenstone, Johannesburg and now with a new store in Sunninghill, you’ll find the super vibrant Sprout Café. A … Read more

Steve Madden_Product_Feb19_17

Product Photography – Steve Madden SA

Product photography for e-commerce sites turns out to be one of the most “in demand” requests as more retailers jump onto the web to sell their products. What more could a girl (or guy) ask for than a few pairs of Steve Madden shoes? These beauties are from an exclusive line of products originating in … Read more

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