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I'm lucky enough to work with an array of amazing female entrepreneurs from different walks of life who run amazingly gorgeous businesses.
From jewellery design to meditation products, serviced based coaches, furniture specialists, creatives, and so many more.

Here you'll find more info on the different shoots I'm honoured to be able to work on as well as thoughts on how to grow your own brand through increasing your visibility.

So, grab your favourite brew (mine’s coffee but there’s no judgement here), sit back, and browse a little longer.


Life Style Photography_ Nosipho_Jul225

Deluxe Brand Photo Shoot – Nosipho (Fuchsia Spaces)

This lady is going places and she’s celebrating all the way. Nosipho is an interior designer and will be launching her new brand, Fuchsia Spaces, any minute now. So, we went all out planning her Deluxe brand photo shoot to include all sorts of elements that portray her style. She’s a mom of 2 young … Read more

Life Style_Sheetal_Mar22-5

5 ways you can prepare for your best Brand Photoshoot ever!

Booking your brand photoshoot is a big deal! Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth, every shoot that you do tells your story in a different way. Each photoshoot should be fun, exciting, and confidence-boosting each time. So let’s take a look at 5 ways you can prepare for your best brand photoshoot ever. Stepping … Read more

Life Style_Nosipho Mini_Apr22-22

What to expect from a brand shoot.

If you’re new here, Welcome! If you’ve been here before, Welcome Back! In this post I want to talk a bit about what to expect from a brand shoot. But first, a little introduction… I’m Kandi, the owner, photographer, coach, and image editor running Life Style Photography. I’m based in Johannesburg, South Africa – which … Read more


What 2021 taught me…

Yes, we’re way past the New Year’s wishes and declaring our big goals for 2022 but I’m still going to post this blog about what 2021 taught me. I’ll be honest, this has been sitting in draft mode for, well, 2 months already and I was planning on rewriting it completely. You see, I don’t … Read more

Life Style_Ika_Nov20-82

Confessions of a Branding Photographer.

A look behind the scenes I take portraits, mostly. My clients are amazingly successful small business owners who have tons of guts and bravery when it comes to opening and building amazing brands.From jewellery designers to coaches, authors to product-based businesses, I’ve seen some mind-blowing brands being built and run successfully. But… (and, I mean … Read more

Life Style_Ogugua_Feb21-59

6 things that happen when you update your brand photos.

What is Brand Photography? Brand photos are images that resonate with your brand personality and values. Whether you’re a product- or service-based business, a solopreneur or work as part of a team, your images should connect with your brand’s ethos and create the reputation you’d like to have. It generally includes headshots, product shots (where … Read more

Personal Branding Mini Sessions in Joburg – Petite Shoots

The Petite Shoots are back! If you haven’t heard about the Petite Shoots yet… get ready! Cos, you don’t want to miss out :). These fabulous mini shoots are created especially for female entrepreneurs who are growing their brands and keeping things fresh. Let me tell you what they’re all about and why you don’t … Read more

In-Home Branding Photo Shoot – Stella Johannesburg

Tea time at home Let me introduce you to the lovely Ika from Stella Johannesburg. She’s the beauty and the brains behind the amazing Moissanite jewellery you’ll see in some of these photos from our recent in-home personal branding photo shoot. We got together on a lovely summer’s day in Parkhurst, Johannesburg to get some … Read more

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