6 things that happen when you update your brand photos.

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What is Brand Photography?

Brand photos are images that resonate with your brand personality and values. Whether you’re a product- or service-based business, a solopreneur or work as part of a team, your images should connect with your brand’s ethos and create the reputation you’d like to have.

It generally includes headshots, product shots (where applicable), and a host of other photos that tell a story about what you’ve created. You might be using different props, different backgrounds and locations, and even different outfits.
And, at the end of the day, you have a library of cohesive photos that can be used throughout your content creation.

Why is it important to regularly update your photos?
Let’s look at the 6 things that happen in your business when you do this…

  • Connect on a more personal level with your ideal clients – the people who you’d love to work with and who value you.

  • Portray confidence both in yourself as a powerful business owner and in your brand and what you have created.

  • Boost your SEO to stay ahead of the competition online. SEO can be tricky for those of us who aren’t experts, but updating photos is an easy way to stay ahead of the game.

  • Show that you’re currently active on your website and social media pages. Let people know that your business is still thriving by posting regularly and staying top of mind.

  • Become recognizable to your audience and the people you want to buy from you. Your images should be as recognizable as your logo (or even more so).

  • Build trust in your brand by showing your audience how invested you are in your business. If you believe in it, they will too.

Become famous!

Don’t let this overwhelm you, I’m not saying that you need to become a movie star! Unless you want to, of course :). I’m talking about becoming known in your industry, having people talk about you and recommend you as the best in the biz.

The best, and easiest, way for you to accomplish this is through remaining visible in your brand and using your photos to regularly introduce yourself and welcome your tribe.

Where to begin?

If you already have brand images, start updating them now. Use them to create posts, change your profile picture every now and then, and use them in newsletters and email signatures.

And, if you don’t have any recent photos now’s the time to get them done! This should be one investment into your brand that’s on the top of your list.

Get in touch with me today to discuss your options, what you need, when you need them by, and all that jazz.

Chat to you soon!

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